Goldie Craft Chocolate Bar - Monte Grande, Guatemala 70%

SKU: 2018
  • "Monte Grande" is the name of the farm where this cacao is lovingly grown. Located in the pacific coastal region of Costa Sur, Guatemala, the farm was bought for 6 gold coins in 1867 by the family that still owns the land today. A beautiful image... But why does this matter? You see, fine chocolate is grown to be eaten and savoured for its unique flavour - flavours that differ depending on where the chocolate is grown. It's what makes craft chocolate so enticing. Each region will have its intricacies, each year will taste slightly different, and - depending on how the chocolate is fermented and roasted - each batch will taste subtly unique.

    This bar is intense and can be savoured slowly, so as to notice the flavours as they reveal themselves. 


    Ingredients: Monte Grande Guatemala Cacao Beans*, Cane Sugar*, Cacao Butter*. * = Certified Organic. May Contain Traces of: Peanuts, Almond, Cashew.   


    Each bar is sealed in a 100% compostable cellulose wrapper and a recycled paper envelope. 



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